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Welcome to Flower Box Studios We are the only Farmer Florist In Pasadena

Welcome to Flower Box Studios We are the only Farmer Florist In Pasadena

Welcome to Flower Box Studios We are the only Farmer Florist In PasadenaWelcome to Flower Box Studios We are the only Farmer Florist In Pasadena

Our Flower Stand

We are currently being vetted for local farmers markets and looking for a home for our locally grown flowers garden stand

Stay tuned!

We have a few places in the works! We hope to have a permanent weekly home for our flowers!  

Some words from our clients

"Thank you! My mother ADORES her flowers" A. Jones,  "Your stunning flowers really made my thank you gift special" C. Heath,  "The table-scape you designed for our Christmas dinner really made the night!  Everyone kept asking about it!" S. Chapman


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Moonwatcher Farms


Our Growing Season

In southern California we are blessed with an exceptionally long growing season.  In our little urban micro-farm we are growing flowers year round.  When an event volume is too large for our little farm, we have developed relationships with like minded farms in California.  Whenever possible we like to try to stick to local, seasonl ingredients.  Of course, if our client absolutely requires a certain flower, of course we can acoomodate their wishes.


Organic Practices

We grow our flowers, fruits and herbs with organic practices.  We use organic fertilizers, neem oil and soapy water for pesticides and maintain our own compost .  We do this do minimize our impact on the planet.  We are part of the #slowflower movement and the farm to vase movement. We are currently being certified as an American Grown Flower Farm.


Moonwatcher Farms

We believe our ideals are reflected in our flowers.  Our flowers have been picked either that morning or the day before.  Dahlias, cosmos and wild flowers are not typically  shipped because they are far too delicate!  They need to be locally grown, seasonal flowers.  That's what we provide to you here.  We also have been able to grow a few peonies!!  Lets see what every year brings when we bring in new flowers to grow and try!

Floral Design

Dahlias and clover from our organic practices micro farm in a vintage french crock.

Floral Design

We design unique garden inspired creations using seasonal local ingredients .  We offer custom arrangements using color, for every day celebrations or  special ocassions.  We think of color, texture and the fragrance to inspire the receivers day.


We do a small number of bespoke weddings a year so we can devote our time and attention to each bride.  As a trained architect & having worked in Film & TV we have an eye for the complete image of the event.

Personal Flowers

To help accommodate more brides we also do personal flowers available for pick up the day of the wedding also.  Your personal flowers can be just the brides bouquet, or all of your attendants, the boutonnieres & corsages for everyone involved in your big day.

Moonwatcher Farms

Our organic practices urban micro-farm,here in Pasadena ensures that your flowers are the freshest possible and grown without the chemicals and labor practices used in other countries.  If your occasion requires more  product than our little farm can produce we have created relationships with other like minded growers both locally and in California.  Whenever possible we try to use seasonal indigence. 



Pasadena, California


We can do tiny bud vases - in unique containers, with just a few flowers for farmers markets and very small presentation bouquets for pick up with every budget in mind.   For your wedding?  That all depends on the size of your wedding, your location, how many attendants you are having, etc.  In general you should plan on having approx 15% - 20% of your over-all budget going towards flowers depending on how extravagant you wish to get.  Of course, we are willing to help you figure out how to work within your budget including just providing personal flowers.  In general for a full serviced wedding we have a set minimum of $2500.  Of course we can do personal flowers with most budgets in mind.   


For mothers day,  Valentines day  and over the Holidays you will need to get your order in asap.  We are a small farm and we like to provide as much of the product as we can.  If you call at the last minute, we can sometimes accommodate you but you may not have as much of a selection when it comes to colors.   For weddings:  As soon as you know your date and your venue!


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