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Welcome to Flower Box Studios
We are the only Farmer Florist In Pasadena

By the Numbers


2000 sq ft of Micro-Farm

As far as urban micro-farms go - this is quite a bit of space!


150 Roses!

Hybrid tea roses, cabbage roses - we have them all! This includes 6 different pinks and 3 different yellows!  We add more every year and we are taking over another 1000 ft next year to add at least 250 more roses!


We also have 700 dahlias planted!

Along with cosmos, zinnias, these Dahlias are important to go local!  Why?  Well, all of the above mentioned flowers simply DO NOT SHIP WELL!  To top it off, Dahlias only last a few days after they are cut.  Real garden roses, like the ones we have, are much more delicate than the grown for commerce roses from South America.  Remember, those roses have already been cut for days by the time they reach you.  Even ones who brag about a 10 day vase life are already down by several days after cutting, processing and shipping.  That's not even addressing the chemicals they are are using!   Don't think we are limited to just these few crops - we have tons of other small batch and some experimental crops!  Example: PEONIES!! we get our earliest Peonies at the beginning of April and while we only have a few - they are GORGEOUS!  Why is this surprising? Well, we were told we could NEVER  grow peonies in Pasadena!  Its the same with tulips!  We have CRACKED THE CODE! on how to grow LONG STEMMED tulips in a warm climate!  Quite by accident - but crack the code we did!!

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